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In the world of documentary filmmaking, "Designer $hit" by Saffron Cassaday stands out as a remarkable exploration of cutting-edge medical breakthroughs. This engaging film takes you on a journey into the 21st century's most significant discovery – Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT).

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Directed and written by Saffron Cassaday, "Designer $hit" delves into the painful world of ulcerative colitis, a challenging inflammatory bowel disease. Saffron's personal experience with this ailment and her quest for relief lead her to the unconventional but promising treatment of FMT. The film's goal is to repair and restore the microbiome, the microorganisms in the gut, by introducing healthy bacteria through, well, a unique method involving a blender, saline solution, and a bit of humor.

What sets "Designer $hit" apart is its ability to tackle a serious medical topic with a lighthearted and humorous touch. Saffron's witty perspective on her own illness shines through, drawing viewers into her story and that of many others who share her struggles. The film masterfully blends humor and drama, offering a well-rounded experience.

"Designer $hit" also presents a variety of medical viewpoints on the effectiveness of FMT, encouraging viewers to consider their own research while maintaining a respectful attitude towards conventional medicine. It's a film that sparks conversations and fosters a healthy dialogue, especially in a time when individualized healthcare is gaining recognition.

Join the conversation sparked by "Designer $hit" and dive into the world of innovative medicine in a refreshingly humorous way.

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