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The Changing Paradigm of Doctor-Patient Relationships
Environmental Exposures Shaping the Human Microbiome
From Lab to Gut – The State of the Microbiome
in Clinical Trials 
Deconstructing the Stigma - Letting Go of the Shame Around Defecating 
Emerging Cancer Treatments and Microbiome
Gastrointestinal Disorders - Common to Rare
Disorders Explained 
Q & A with the Cast from Designer $hit
Fecal Transplants - Best Strategies for Optimizing and
Standardising Treatment to get FDA Approval
Fads vs Facts - Science vs Snake Oil? 
What We Know About Animal Microbiome and How it Affects Us 
It’s Not all About the Gut: Vaginal, Oral and
Skin Microbiomes in Health and Disease 
The Gut-Brain Axis and Its Role in Psychiatric Illness
If Your Microbiome Could Talk
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