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Experience the extraordinary documentary "Designer $hit," where filmmaker Saffron Cassaday takes you on a captivating exploration of fecal microbacteria transplant (fmt). This remarkable film delves into the world of innovative treatments, shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals like Saffron.

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Join Saffron, a courageous colitis sufferer, as she embarks on a quest to find healing and better health through unconventional means. "Designer $hit" vividly portrays her determination in the face of FDA regulations and medical roadblocks, making it a compelling and eye-opening experience. Gain insight into the groundbreaking procedure of fecal transfer, a medical breakthrough that Saffron bravely undergoes. This procedure involves injecting healthy stool samples to improve her well-being, and Saffron's openness about it is truly commendable. Witness the heartwarming support of Saffron's partner, Al, who plays a pivotal role in her journey, even becoming her "poop donor." Their story of love, dedication, and resilience is nothing short of inspiring.

"Designer $hit" is a candid and educational portrayal that takes you through every step of Saffron's remarkable journey. It offers valuable insights into the disease, making it accessible to all viewers. This documentary is not just about the disease but also about the human spirit and the strength of love and partnership.

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