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The KPFK Film Club reviewed the documentary "DESIGNER $HIT," directed by Saffron Cassaday. The film tells the intimate and personal story of the director's struggle with ulcerative colitis and her search for a cure. She eventually explores Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) as a potential treatment, even considering DIY transplants with the help of her partner. The film follows her journey, highlighting the risks, possible side effects, and limited success rate associated with FMT for ulcerative colitis.‍

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Despite the potentially uncomfortable subject matter, the documentary employs humor and discretion in its storytelling. It features interviews with doctors and experts and uses a playful soundtrack and animation to add humor to the narrative.

The film emphasizes the importance of working with a doctor when considering FMT and highlights the rapid progress in scientific research on microbiome treatments. It mentions over 400 clinical trials studying Fecal Transplants' efficacy for various diseases.

In conclusion, "DESIGNER $HIT" aims to raise awareness about microbiome treatments and their potential to revolutionize the treatment of chronic illnesses. It is available digitally starting on September 21, with a wider release on November 14. You can find more information on the documentary's website and watch the trailer on YouTube.

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