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If you’re curious about Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT), you’ll enjoy this episode where we chat with documentary filmmaker, Saffron Cassady, whose film, Designer Sh*t, shows her struggle with ulcerative colitis. After a decade of trying conventional treatments to alleviate her symptoms, Saffron documents her journey to determine if FMT could potentially help her feel better. Saffron gives us an inside look at her documentary, the steps she took to weigh the risks and potential benefits of FMT, and how she’s feeling today. We also welcome Dr. Neil Stollman, a leading gastroenterologist and microbiome expert in Oakland, California, who offers expert insight on FMT and explains what patients need to know about the scientific evidence and future potential of FMT. Check out to learn more about Saffron’s documentary.

26 min
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