What People Are Saying

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this documentary. Saffron does a great job of explaining the science, as well as the process,
and presents this information in an accessible and educational way. She responsibly talked to leading experts,
like Dr. Borody, and was clear about the lack of evidence for FMT for IBD. Most of all she is brave and generous
with the sharing of her personal journey and does so with grace and humor. I was impressed with film and felt
her emotions as she was going through the ups and downs of the FMT process. It was so heartwarming to see
her success and of course her new baby.”

Jacqueline Gaulin –
Founder, Chief Strategy Officer
Gastro Girl, Inc
Host and Creator, Gastro Girl Podcast

What People Are Saying

“This documentary is absolutely amazing! It doesn't just delve into the intriguing scientific principles underlying this groundbreaking sector of FMT, but it also delves into the one-of-a-kind story of the people who needs it to improve their health. This work of art is bound to ignite meaningful dialogues among various domains and incite cooperation. In simple words, I would say: The documentary has the right balance between science, personal story, and well-placed humor. I wholeheartedly suggest taking the time to view it!”

Amine Zorgani –
Founder and Author
The Microbiome Mavericks

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