Fecal Transplant Costs: An Overview of Your FMT Treatment Options

June 7, 2023

Fecal Transplant Costs: An Overview of Your FMT Treatment Options

Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT) can be a life-saving treatment for those suffering from a Clostridium Difficile infection, and a life-changing treatment for those with other microbiome-associated illnesses like Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Autism, and many other illnesses. So how much will it set you back for one of these incredible poop transplants? We’ll outline the different costs in the following sections:

  • How much does a fecal transplant cost?
  • FMT price per method
  • Other resources to learn more about FMT cost

How much does a fecal transplant cost?

Fecal Microbiota Transplant procedures can cost between $600-1000 depending on the treatment method, location, insurance coverage, and other factors. This price usually covers both the stool material used in FMT and the procedure, but in certain cases the two are considered separate costs by insurance plans.

Below we provide cost estimates for FMT treatments (estimates are based on costs of the popular OpenBiome stool bank in Boston, MA), but it is important to remember that prices will vary depending on your country and region.

FMT price per method

As mentioned, the fecal transplant price can vary substantially based on what method of delivery you are using and where you are receiving it.

Note: There is no indication of which of these treatments is better, safer, or more effective for any given

illness. Decisions on delivery method for FMT have to be made on a case-by-case basis, depending on what is best for each patient.

Upper and lower FMT delivery preparations

Cost: $595 per treatment

This type of treatment can be delivered two ways: the stool can be inserted directly into the colon by use of enema or colonoscopy, or the treatment can be administered through a nasoenteric tube, which involves the insertion of a tube in the nose and fed down into the stomach or small bowel for delivery. Generally the delivery method is covered by standard health care or insurance plans, but again, that is dependent on where you reside.

FMT capsules

Cost: $950 per dose

A fecal-filled capsule is designed to be swallowed. It’s coating breaks down in the gut, delivering the FMT to the patient. As many as 8 capsules have to be ingested to receive the equivalent amount of material as is distributed through the colonoscopy, enema, or nasoenteric tube. Obviously there are no additional administration costs for this procedure, as the pills are ingested normally.

Screening and using your own donor

Cost: $1500 and up

Not all regions have access to stool banks like OpenBiome in Boston. For many, a donor that is known to the patient will have to be used. Before the FMT can be done, the donor has to go through an intensive screening process to make sure their stool is safe to use. This process can jack up the fecal transplant cost depending on the kind of medical coverage you have. Estimate that the cost will start at $1500 (out of pocket), unless the cost of screening is covered in your region.

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